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A good deal needs the right chemistry
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At Roodhals, we stay on top of developments in new products and providers in this increasingly international marketplace. Our responsibility is to find and arrange the funding needed by new entrants into the lending space – mortgage, SME and healthcare financing platforms.
Increased regulation, extreme focus on risk management, slow decision making, process management rather than client management, management by exception rather than opportunity... large financial institutions cannot keep up with the ever increasing speed and agility of society and the economy.

This leaves space for new entrants in the financial world, specifically when it comes to financing individuals, families and businesses. Peer-to-peer lending, crowd funding, independent financing platforms and fintechs using the vast possibilities of the digital world offer real alternatives.

We match your lending platform to the most appropriate funding partner. It starts with a thorough analysis of the funding structure needed and finishes with a legally and operationally sound partnership. A partnership not only based on money, but also on the right chemistry between funder and platform.

Roodhals is your financial advisor throughout this journey: not only reliable when executing deals, but also aligned with your strategy. 


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